Mountain Feng Shui

Mountain Feng Shui

Mountain stands firm on ground and knows to be the holders of the earth. Their image represents support at work along with strength, resources, and money. In Feng Shui, the mountains in every form are supportive; whether the illustrations are of real mountains, rocky hills, or the giant Himalayas, every symbol is great. A concept in Feng Shui suggests that without proper support, there’s always a long struggle.

Support at Back

The support, in every aspect of life, produces a great impact on whatever you do. If you sit on the stool without any support for long, after a while, your legs and back will initiate to ache. But when you sit on a chair that keeps your back and neck intact, you don’t feel any ache at all. When you have the right support, you can work for hours.

The Same Implies for your House

Having support at the back of the house is essential. In Feng Shui, it is represented by a black tortoise, which is an extraterrestrial animal that not only supports but also increases your life and your home’s longevity. It also gives protection against unwanted things that affect you adversely. It is symbolized by the black tortoise that is present a bit above the ground like the chair’s back.

In the Bedroom and Working Space

In your bedroom, solid support behind your bed represents a mountain. The same implies for your working desk. So, when you are setting your room or workplace, make sure your bed has the solid support behind it.

The Current Mountains

As for now, it is not possible to have the mountain at the back of your property; the mountains are now replaced by the tall building. They also show the support and the current substitute for the mountain, according to the Lillian Too. It can also be true if the house behind your house is taller than yours. Even when the house isn’t present, tall trees or huge shrubs could be the substitute.

Details of the Mountain Support

Rear Slope: When your house doesn’t have any mountain or related support behind it and its slopes away, you can do the following; build a stone wall and plant over five trees behind your house or large shrubs.

Bed Lacking Support: In your bedroom, if the wall where you can place your bed has a window, you can still do much. You can use a tall screen or large curtain behind the headboard. It will increase the support you are going to get. When you don’t have support behind your back, you will feel drained. It will feel like you need to go alone in everything. Without it you don’t feel complete at night.

Career Support: When your office desk doesn’t have a window behind, you can add a screen behind, it will give you supporting feel. The screen could be made easily. Use the rounded tops, it will give the feel of mountain edges

Mountain imagery

One way to add extra support to your living is by placing the picture of the mountain to your home or office. It helps in gaining you more recognition, a sense of optimism, and getting aids from others. And when hanging on the wall behind your working desk, it can help to attain great in your career.

A correct mountain picture will have a notable mountain. Any mountain that is far away with any valley in focus will not do any good to you. If the image of the mountain is focused on the beauty of the mount only, then it will do the job.

Avoid the image showing mountains with lakes, waterfall, or rivers as it will lower the power of the mountain. Choose the picture showing lush green mountain ranges or only mountains and place it in the east, south, or southeast area of the house to increase its powers. When the mountain image is orange or brown or showing desert alongside, then place this image in the west, northeast, northwest, or southwest area of your house. Don’t go for the mountain having pointy peaks as it will do no good to you.