About Us

It's no secret that what we are and our situations is the Universe's response to our vibration.

Even if we try to embody optimism and attract good energies. There are certain factors in this world that cannot be remedied without talismans, and powerful tools containing strong frequencies that counter debilitating negative energies and elements.  

Your Astrology Language is purely dedicated to offer tools and talismans that enrich the mind, body and soul.

We know what the everyday stress of life brings upon you and we are doing our best to provide the answers that will make your life peaceful and balanced.

We provide tools that restores the balance of the Chakras, which is crucial for optimal overall health. 

We have also gathered the best Feng Shui Lucky Charms and talismans that has been used for centuries by the Chinese.

We have seriously considered and put them together because we believe that very household deserves harmony, prosperity, abundance and wealth.