Weekly Astrology Forecast (February 3rd - 9th, 2020)

MONDAY - 3rd Feb 2020

On Monday the Mercury appears with Pisces, and Venus forms a positive angle with Saturn. 

This means your imagination is at full speed,you are highly intuitive and you will be ready to make a commitment to your business or relationship.

With Venus and Saturn forming a positive angle. It means lovely days for couples up to a week. 

Astrology Event: Mercury in Pisces, Venus forms a positive angle with Saturn 

It’s the best time to: Plot out your goals for the week, let out all the ideas that run in your head. At night, spend time with your partner. 

What you should avoid:


TUESDAY - 4th Feb 2020

You’ll still have a very active mind on Tuesday, you should watch out not to mix reality and imagination.

Since the Moon and Neptune square could trigger unrealistic reactions. 

Astrology Event: The Moon still in Gemini. At 5 pm Sun and Moon will be in conjunction.

It’s the best time to: Tap into your intuition and put your motivation into use by 

What you should avoid: Invest in something big just because you feel like it.


WEDNESDAY - 5th Feb 2020 

By Wednesday you will be provided by inspiration 

when Mercury will be in connection with Uranus.

On this day you will find a long term solution to a problem that has been bothering you for a long time. 

Astrology Event: Mercury and Uranus are in favorable connection.

It’s the best time to: Face your fears head-on, the issues you don’t confront get bigger and bigger as long s you hide from them.

What you should avoid: Don’t be impulsive and stay in the now.


THURSDAY - 6th Feb 2020

Family spirit will ignite on Thursday when the moon will be in Cancer. 

It will also bring you spur of the moment ideas with a clear mind!

Astrology Event: Moon will be in Cancer but at 10 pm the opposition between the Moon and Jupiter will commence.

It’s the best time to: 

What you should avoid: Don’t be impulsive and stay in the present.

FRIDAY - 7th Feb 2020

We will feel the loving energy of Venus on Friday 

as it enters Aries, you will be urged to express love desires passionately and aggressively. Artists become active on this day.

Astrology Event: Venus enters Aries which is dominated by Mars

It’s the best time to: Unleash your inner social butterfly and express admiration to people you admire.

What you should avoid: Don’t give in to procrastination.


SATURDAY - 8th Feb 2020

On Saturday the universe will awake the performer in us and you will feel the need to be recognized, it’s all about enthusiasm and embracing your talents. 

Astrology Event: Full moon in Leo

It’s the best time to: Focus on yourself and your big dreams.

What you should avoid: Don’t let yourself get dragged down because of the opinion of others.


SUNDAY - 9th Feb 2020

By Sunday the full Moon in Leo. A possible dispute may happen. You must learn the culture of debate to avoid tension.

Astrology Event: Full moon still in Leo

It’s the best time to: Go on a spontaneous trip.

What you should avoid: Avoid talking about controversial issues 

This wraps up your week!



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